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We've all been there.

You've been struggling all night to get your project to work.

You're still not sure: is it your code? The hardware? Some glitch you can't see with your crappy equipment? You hope it's not that one-in-a-million timing bug that might take forever to track down.

You could post your problem to some random forum, but getting experienced help from somebody who takes the time to understand your problem and give you meaningful advice requires knowing exactly the right place to go and getting lucky on the timing.

"Null Hardware took one look at my github repo and helped me get my TFT display working in no time."

-Imaginary Person

What If There Was an Easy Fix?

Someone you could trust, with the experience to identify the problem and ability to walk you through it.

How about:

One-on-One Communication

Talk directly to an expert. You get a minimum of 20 minutes of Skype/Hangouts/Phone support.

Expert Advice

With both academic and industry experience, we can save you time by skipping straight to the problem.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If (for whatever reason) we can't fix it, we will happily refund your payment no questions asked.

Get Help Now (not Next Week)

Do or Do Not, There is no try.


We're more than ready to tackle your problem with a combined 30+ years of industry experience.

From Arduino's, RPi's, C programming, and Circuit design, to Serial Protocols and More... There's someone waiting to help you get past your current roadblock and back to creating awesome.

Get back to creating awesome | $25 »

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