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Null Hardware's Latest Blog Posts

DNS Fundamentals and Packet Structure #networks #dns

By: Nouman Noor | Oct 27, 2022

In this post, I’ll go over fundamentals of the Domain Name System (DNS). The content below is not meant to be a deep dive into the inner workings of DNS but is meant more as a gentle introduction for beginners or a quick refresher for those of us returning to the world of networking and cybersecurity after a prolonged absence. Over the last year, I have been meaning to get back into cybersecurity but as life would have it, I couldn’t dedicate much time without detracting from existing obligations and responsibilities. The last month has seen an increase in my leisure time and as such I have finally been able to devote some time... Read More.

Still Hacking #hacking

By: Andrew Steadman | Jun 15, 2022

When last we spoke I had started chipping away at the binary exploitation problems in picoCTF 2018. Two years later: I’m now an ‘Elite Hacker’ on HTB and placed in the Top-10 overall in picoCTF 2022. Here’s how I did it.  Read More.

Hacking the Pandemic Away #hacking

By: Andrew Steadman | Aug 11, 2020

I’ve spent the last couple of months of the pandemic lockdown hacking my way through the PicoCTF 2018 capture the flag challenges - and I’m sharing what I’ve learned. Every single Binary Exploitation challenge has been cracked, including the ones requiring heap exploits. Can you figure out how I did it? TLDR: Jump straight to our PicoCTF 2018 BinExp Guide.  Read More.