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Here's the complete list of all our tutorials, guides, and tips. We break it down into categories like HW design, basic circuits, and coding. Interested in Arduinos or Raspberry Pis? We've got those too.

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What we know:


PicoCTF 2018 - Binary Exploits

We’ve solved every single last PicoCTF 2018 Binary Exploitation challenge. Read our writeups to up your hacker game and learn what you’ve been missing. For more information on what PicoCTF is, read our introductory Blog Post.

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picoCTF 2022 - Greatest Hits

This time around we broke out of the Binary Exploitation category. We eventually solved everything (and broke into the global top 10 during the competition). This page is a greatest-hits compilation of the more difficult/interesting challenges and our approach to solving them.

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